COLOURFUL Pure Cotton Accessories for the Winter-grey season

Kaavish (काविश) - The Emotions of Colour; is a tiny brand from Pune, focusing on Pure Cotton Products and presented in a quirky way. Right from sling bags, tote bags, colourful scrunchies,ethnic  chokers, passport holders and a lot more to choose from! 


Why are we telling you about it? 

BECAUSE all the products are HAND PAINTED or HANDCRAFTED in a way that everything you get from here would give you an ethnic and classy look! The bags, passport holders, mobile phone covers and T-shirts can be customised and you get yourself a hand painted bag with your favourite thing on it! 


PS. Their colourful fabric scrunchies are selling on a high, because who are we lying to - every woman loses a scrunchie almost every week! But yes they are big in size and fancy too. 


To know more; 

काविश - The Emotions of Colour

Contact- 9922448282 | Email- | Also accepts orders on Instagram. 

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