Contemporary Indian Fusion Recipes by Chef Saransh Goila

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What happens when a young passionate chef who understands food in & out and who is very much down to earth, decides to re-invent traditional Indian cuisine and give it that little western twist?
CityShor got to experience the whole awesomeness of contemporary Indian cuisine at Cookout For a Cause with Chef Saransh Goila! Well, many of you definitely know that he is the youngest celebrity chef in India and he had come to O Hotel for this cookout.

It was a completely private affair at the terrace restaurant, Addah and the time was sunset in the evening! The flavors and aroma of the dishes being cooked filled up the atmosphere and that evening just couldn’t get better with arrival of glasses filled with wine.

Here’s what Chef Saransh presented that evening;

Chicken & Paneer Canapes : Small buns halved and toasted with garlic butter act as the canapés and top it with chicken or paneer cooked in your traditional achari masala. It’s done.

Spaghetti Moily: Moily, a traditional Kerala curry made of coconut oil, mustard, curry leaves and coconut milk; is mixed with spaghetti Al Dante and finished off with parmesan and lime juice. Heavenly it tastes. For the first time in life, we had pasta with a Tadka.

Chocolate Kheer: Indians love kheer and our latest fetish is Chocolate! Here chef combines a very thick kheer made in pure ghee and mixes in some chocolate and dry fruits. This heavenly combination is kept gently on Shahi Tukda (a small piece of bread roasted along with sugar and ghee)

All the three dishes were a fusion and not a confusion of Traditional Indian cuisine and Western Cuisine. We must tell you that all the three dishes were delicious and smelt great.

You can also try these in your own kitchen, add your own twist to it and share with us your experience. Also if you know of other such contemporary recipes, write to us.

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