Custom-Made Crafted Candle-Holders By Ark Rana

Attributes: Decor, Lightings and Fans, Decor Pieces, Lighting & Lamps

This festive season, if you’re going all loud again with the usual high wattage bulbs & LED strips for outdoors, we suggest you cozy up the indoors with these customized handcrafted tea light holders by Ark Rana. The fact that you can get them custom made to your requirement makes it our pick for Diwali. These versatile accents would grace your dining spread, pooja space, rangolis or simply any drab corner of the house.

Diwali is the best time to bring in gleaming golds. However, the intricate jail work makes them subtle. The embellishments can be customized to your choice of colors and the material & height can be played with to suit your requirement.  We see them pretty atop pooja thalis with bright prismatic crystals. If you opt for the Styrofoam base, you can let them float gently in the urlis.

It all lies in the details! And the ladies behind Ark Rana swear by this. If you’re done with the market-flooded terracotta diya options, go detour with these playful candle-encased nightlights. To buy your pieces…

Contact: +91 7350961350

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