Customized beauty in a tub under 1000/- by AROMA FAIRY!

How about, you get a skincare product that is customized only for you according to your skin type and the aura you hold? This is the new age fairytale! AROMA FAIRY by Aroma therapist PARINAZ IRANI is a 100% natural and organic brand that has sworn to take care of your body the way it should be taken care of – personalized and customized for each!

Every person has a different type of skin and a different reaction to common products. So why do we still run behind the squeeze-tube filled chemicals sold at exorbitant prices? It’s high time that we hear out the silent cry of our skin and hair and give it all it deserves – natural, organic and eco friendly therapy.

And all this only under 1000/- (P.S. It’s much lesser than that!)

Ranging from unisex face packs, hair oils, lip balms, under eye gels, lip scrubs and toners; she has all your skin worries covered under one tub! While we wanted to take them all home for ourselves, here’s a glimpse of what we tried!


Made with fresh aloe vera and essential oils, this little tub stands true to its name! For dark circles, crow’s feet, wrinkles around the eye and all eye related beauty issues, this one works like an enchanted charm to lighten them all!


This one is the newest baby on the block! Made to be used only at night, this beauty tub is loaded with saffron and citrus to treat pigmentation, age spots, wrinkles and ageing right away! Also, this wonder works with the lights turned off (at night only)!


 Anything filled with saffron infused goodness to the brim can never go wrong! Filled up with vitamins, orange, rose and anti-oxidants, this works best against tan removal and to lighten, brighten and tighten the skin!


The constant pollution ruins our hair as much as it harms the skin. To make sure you aren’t touched by any of that, AROMA FAIRY has the fountain of youth for hair! Made with exotic herbs and essential oils, this is the go to damage repair and nourishment hair oil that you must own!


This is a pocket sized powerhouse! Why? Because this anti-fungal miracle is a spot mask. It is only for the pimple/acne/zits to zap them off right away! Infused with fresh tulsi and pudina, this also acts an anti bacterial shield for your skin!

It’s natural. It’s convincing. It’s real. And unisex too!

Call today, to say goodbye to those pesky and stubborn skin problems! Beauty is now one call away!

Address: Near Rosary School, Camp, Pune. (All orders taken online)

Contact: 9822391148

Contributed by: Vaidehi Raju 

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