Cute Miniature Gardens in a Dish at Cute Shoots

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Fancy having a garden in your midst but do not have the space? How about if we tell you, you do not need a big space to have a garden! Cute Shoots, Pune’s very first nursery for dish gardens, will show you how you can have a piece of nature and greenery right in your home. In fact, these dish gardens and terrariums can find a tiny space right on top your table!

The moment you step into Cute Shoots, be prepared to be welcomed by a whiff of coolness emanating from the dense and soothing greenery. It is hard to believe the existence of such a serene piece of land along the busy Senapati Bapat Road. The dense thick cover of green instantly transports you to another place. The happy calls of the birds complete a scene fit for nature.

Dish Gardens. The origin of this lovely concept is largely unknown. However, its roots lie in Japan; and rightly so as a country which has embraced miniature creations with artistry that is a significant part of the Japanese culture. Japanese Gardeners would use dish gardens as models for landscape architects. Thus, a modelling technique became an art in itself as these tiny landscapes travelled all around the world.

Smita Pandya, Owner of Cute Shoots, is a master in dish garden making. As a botany graduate from Fergusson College, plants had always been close to her heart. She says that she cannot use the same idea or concept with every dish garden she makes. Thus, rendering all her dish garden creations unique. She uses dwarf plant varieties such as; Arelia, Monkey Grass, Chloro Phytum in her dish gardens. Terrariums are a wonder in themselves. Created in closed spaces such as a glass bowl with specific plant varieties and accessories, they are a model of a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Interestingly, both Dish Gardens and Terrariums are low-maintenance garden models. This does not take away from the fact that certain basic requirements have to be adhered to if these gardens are to thrive over a long period of time. Smita takes personal interest in her clients’ requirements and follows up with them diligently in the bid to help them sustain healthy gardens. Smita’s dish gardens and terrariums are nothing less than mesmerizing. Each has a story to tell. The intricate use of dwarf plants and accessories in her miniature garden creations is a skilful combination of knowledge of plants and artistry of high proportions.

Cute Shoots has been a boon for all plant loving apartment dwellers. Apart from this, she also helps people in developing bigger spaces for gardens and has excellent varieties of ornamental plants. Caution. Once you set foot in, you may not want go back out again! Blame the charm of this beautifully created nursery by Smita.

Contact: 94229 87351

Address: 36, Bhagirathi Bungalow, Shivaji Housing Society, Off Senapati Bapat Road, Behind JW Marriott Hotel, Pune.


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