Deck up your dining space with Furlenco's Chef's Hat

Attributes: Kitchen and Dining

Home is where the spaces are uniquely filled with an air of bliss. Every corner is special. Use beautiful décor to accentuate each corner. Living room, bedroom or seat out - every room has a different mood. Wait! You forgot the most important of all: the dining room, where your awesome culinary skills come alive. Don’t you want to deck it up too? FURLENCO’s Chef’s Hat is out to do just that. Find out more about this amazing dining experience that you can rent at a jaw-dropping price!

Pico 4 Seater Dining Table: An enticing piece of wood with a tropical, earthy look which makes for the perfect setting for evenings with your friends or date-night with your favourite person. The table features rare lengths of solid beech wood, chosen for their beautiful cathedral graining. The table top's signature finish and exemplary craftsmanship ensure an elegant dining setting. A unique shiitake finish, which features a subtle blend of browns and greys, creates a fresh neutral tone that mixes well with other wood finishes.

Wooden Tray: In slatted design and bright, cheerful colours; what can accessorise your gorgeous table better? Use it to store books or for serving, the versatility of this fine piece is immense.

Pico Dining Chairs: The soul-mate of the Pico 4 seater dining table! Offering exceptional design for everyday living, the Pico chair lends casual elegance to the formal dining room along with tons of functionality to the family table. Its streamlined silhouette features a gently contoured back and comfortable seating platform.

Microwave Oven: Yes, Furlenco understands all your kitchen needs. Especially of your bachelor pad as you try to ‘get around smoothly’ with your daily kitchen chores. Get a super cool 20 L microwave oven and cook mouth-watering dishes for your friends and family.

Food Hampers: Can there be a better offering in this entire set of experience? Goes way beyond your kitchen’s décor and furniture needs, Furlenco sincerely attempts to add life to your kitchen with this. With Chef Basket food hampers, cook up exotic meals for your friends or put together a gourmet meal for your loved one.

Table Mats and Napkins: How perfect and apt it is to decorate your table with a refreshing shade of green! These easy-on-the-eyes green table mats and napkins make dinnerware look picture perfect. The green shade perfectly complements the colour tone of the Pico dining table.

Aren’t these the coolest reasons to give your kitchen a brand new classy look? We say make it the hero of your home! Rent it only with Furlenco! Visit


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