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Whether it’s a beer theme wall clock, Homer Simpson wall frame or a typography favourite quote stand, the one-stop go-to destination for all kinds of customised gifting needs is Dibs Store. Contact Tanushree Deshpande on 09881468585 if you’re looking for gifts that not only add a dash of fun to mundane tasks but also brighten up homes and offices while putting a big smile on the receiver’s face! A treasure trove of different art forms, we were absolutely mind-blown by the choicest of options available in sand art, string art and stone art amongst several others…

What we LOVE about Dibs Store is how they spoil one for choice! Trust us when we say you’ve got myriad options to choose from…We however couldn’t get our eyes off the various wall clocks and frames and decided to give you guys a glimpse of what Dibs Store can do for you. Starting from a price range of Rs. 500 you can get clocks and frames customised to any theme of your preference. Be it a favourite cartoon character, a hobby, an interest, just give Tanushree an idea and rest assured she’ll delight you with a personalised creation.

Tanushree ensures that her creations can be used in multiple ways…So a wall clock will also double up as a wall décor piece in addition to telling the time. Just pick an art ranging from stone, sand and crochet to string and a theme of your choice to pamper yourself as well as dear ones with the most memorable gifts ever…Given the super fun and colourful creations, a product from Dibs Store will add a dash of colour to the most ordinary corner and we truly mean it when we say they’ve got something for everyone!

Contact: 09881468585

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