Don't Just Eat Together, But Cook Together At Your House Party!

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Without stepping out of the house this party season, how can one create a superb scene inside the house itself? That too along with some exclusive gourmet food. Here's the answer...We are sure many of you have planned your house parties but the food scene is not yet sorted. Allow us to solve that problem for you guys; this solution includes not just gourmet food but a group activity as well!

Without stretching it further, here we introduce a very unique and first of its kind food delivery service that aims at spreading some love through the art of cooking. They want you to enjoy an every day event called ‘home-cooking’ with your spouse, parents, kids or friends and bond over the love for food!

This party season, they have come up with recipes that are easy to cook in large quantities for a good number of people. The guys at Gourmet Eat In will be supplying abundant fresh and high quality ingredients that you need to make either Lasagna, Chic-pea Pasta or Chicken Tortillas. The best thing is that you get a box along with the recipe written inside and all the required ingredients with superb detailing. We have tried their products and the entire process recently, and can thus we swear by and vouch for every word we write here!

A very safe and hit option of Barbecue at your own place is also made possible by this service. What you get is marinated meat and veggies that are skewered along with salads and sprinkles as an entire BBQ Kit delivered to your place. With winter at its peak, we’re sure most of you will opt for this!

Well all you have to do is get your own poison home and decide what you want to cook for your friends and family. Then go to their website and choose your favorite dish with the required quantity. We suggest you book your orders now so you can be set for your new years eve if you’re planning a house party.

We all are familiar with the bonding that happens over food. But we say bonding over cooking food is superlative to that. This can be a beautiful activity that the entire party can participate in. We promise that it won’t be just another party they were a part of, but a memorable one where your guests will cherish each and every moment!

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