Dragon Blade : Movie Review

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Director: Daniel Lee
Cast: Jackie Chan, John Cusack & Adrien Brody
Pain. Such a big pain DRAGON BLADE is! A heads up, in case you do feel like watching the movie despite reading the review, I would advise that you curb your feelings but, if you still can't then the torrent of the movie is up so, you can go ahead download it off the net!
The movie starts off with two archaeologists looking for the lost ancient city of Regum. Acceptable for that particular moment and just when you are done with the movie, they pop up yet again for some more unnecessary moments of 'stupidity', leading to a conclusion why did they add the unnecessary prologue & epilogue? Whhyy!
Written & directed by the same main person, the movie is haphazard and tonally inconsistent throughout its entire runtime. It is highly evident that he has tried extremely hard to blend serious drama with light hearted humour - A style synonymous with Jackie Chan; With only a few moments capturing that specific blend, but, in all has failed miserably.
Jackie Chan has always been one of the few starlets who can carry the movie on their own, not this time out though. His character as Huo An offers a very repetitive heavy-handed jingoism about peace and harmony is annoying, with cheesy dialogues and an even cheesier battle between him & Lucius (John Cusack) showcasing their battle skills is more or less a let down than an enhancement to out experience. Random flashbacks placed in the middle of the movie drag the movie even more or so. The finale is a major let-down, you would expect a lot more from a battle between Hua An & the 'mighty' Tiberius (Adrian Brody); instead it is a weary lullaby, enough for one to doze off.
Acting in all is pretty adequate, nothing great, nothing bad - Jo chal raha hai, vo chal raha hai! Jackie Chan reprises his regular role as a heroic patriot who can speak Chinese and (fake) flimsy English. John Cusack seems out of place as a war-weary Roman General because of his inescapable boyish look. Adrian Brody is wasted, whose only job throughout the movie was posing & being disgruntled over minutes & minutes of screen time. While the supporting cast don't bother helping as well. Every time they might come on, you would try & figure out ke ye kon aaya ab bhai! 
While going through the review again, I realise that it is all 'whine-whine-whine' but, that is how it is! Unnecessarily over-dramatic. Way too cheesy. Sub-par direction. Drab script & I am saying this with a heavy heart that Jackie Chan has grown too old for all this.
In all, I give DRAGON BLADE 1.5 Shors on 5 and just a reminder, the movie is out there on the internet for you to verify. Cheers.

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