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Puneites, here we start, with a very unique product that we came across. This is probably the only place in Pune where you’ll find it !!

What if we tell you that you could filter all your negative dreams and could just choose to have positive dreams? The calculations say, we spend 1/3rd of our life sleeping. If we go by the same, then 1/3rd of the life will be so pleasant!

Well, we don’t take guarantee of filtering out negative dreams but we assure making your home look beautiful with this. These are to be hanged in the bedroom, but not along any wall. These also look great items if used as wall hangings, one can hang it inside a car, etc. Girls, you can also wear them as necklace pendants as they come in very small pieces as well! With this pretty thing around your neck, I am sure you’re going to stand out in crowd.

What’s with the name Dreamcatchers? Well, let me tell you that this product has its actual origin in ancient native American customs when mothers used to make these designs with the natural components such as creepers, roots, jute, feathers, beads etc. They believed that their beloved little ones will only have positive dreams and this weblike design will filter all the negative ones!

Miss. Siddhi Shah, a passionate artist who handmakes these Dreamcatchers at her home along with her partner Utkarsh is probably the first artist in Pune to make dreamcatchers! She uses all natural feathers to decorate the dreamcatchers. Feathers are sourced from the forests in Goa and they do not harm any bird for it. A shell placed at the centre adds to the beauty with its various other components such as beads and feathers that bring out the vibrant colors in the design.

You can get these dreamcatchers customized to your likings and requirements. They are also available in various colors and sizes. The price ranges from Rs. 250/- to Rs. 5,000/-.

Siddhi Shah: 09765917191

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