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Not even a single corner of your home should go lackluster! And for this very motive we bring to you one stop for all things bright, all things Diwali and all things ecofriendly! With a wide range of festive décor products, Papertells has environ conscious solutions crafted to spruce up every nook and niche. We walked in after to an alley of twinkling paper lanterns, earthy tea lights, terracotta diyas and Ganpatis, Rangoli embellishments and possibly everything in your Diwali décor wishlist.   We saw all these lined up and livened up together at twilight, and it just gave us that early Diwali glee…
Folks at Papertells have done what they do best - pushed the envelope with unconventional designs. Who would have imagined a flat 2d sheet of handmade paper can be crafted into whimsical fish lanterns! And very cleverly the lining paper is a contrast color so as soon as a bulb slips in, the scales magically light up. These psychedelic fish lanterns are not the only novelty this year. The paper-quilled-face dolls, kites and even strawberries make their way for cutesy tempting lanterns. But if you prefer an arty vibe to a party of fish, you can take your pick from the ones adorned with Warli paintings and peacock motifs. Most of these come in foldable options and can be stacked and stored conveniently. For a more contemporary look, play with some geometry and take your pick from the clustered pyramidal one.
When its festival of lights, terracotta lamps and diyas can’t be far behind. The wide range available here is a burst of color already even before being lit. The hand painted and embellished sets make popular gifting choices. However, if it’s someone real special, surprise them with the sand coated tea lights. Once lit, the light and shadow play against grainy textures lending a warm earthy feel. 
This Diwali, celebrate responsibly. It’s a time to express gratitude to divinity so why should nature be left behind. Indulge in some retail therapy for your home whilst taking the earth friendly approach with
Papertells, K.B.Joshi Road, Agriculture College campus, Shivajinagar 
For corporate gifting solutions
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