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Director: Maneesh Sharma
Cast: Shah Rukh Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.
With the bookings open from Tuesday itself, I should (or should not) thank my stars that I could at least fetch a ticket for the first day, first show, first row. Was it worth it?
Well, even before the movie starts, the trailer more or less gives away the entire plot; As to how a celebrity's lookalike fan develops a dangerous obsession towards him & his life, when snubbed by the star. And the movie adheres to it, is all.
Talking about the acting, SRK simply nails his persona of a 'Fan'. From the small gimmicks of being a typical Delhi lad, to the transition of 'impersonating' the star, makes him no less than a spectacle. What was also a major highlight was the fact, as to how easily SRK could pull off a character who was nearly half his age; Of course, one has to thank the make-up artists as well for their meticulous work but, the actor simply rolls back the years with pure ease.
But, the 'spectacle' tends to drag on, and on, and on. The build-up in the first half ultimately leads to a nothing but, a 'Cat & Mouse' story at the end. Though, on paper it makes for a no-nonsense movie with no songs, or emotionally running around an actress; A couple of scenes indeed make it look nonsensical. (Shhhhh. no spoilers)
All in all, the movie is indeed for all the SRK fans but, not being one myself, I can't rate it more than 2.5. Maybe, I could not relate to it, and the extremely predictable story didn't really help. But, if you are a fan? Then, I am sure you aren't wasting your time by even reading the review.

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