Foodies Meet #17 + Wine Tasting by Sula

When the kebabs keep flowing on your table and so does the finest of wine, it just can’t get any better! It was an exciting evening that started with a short presentation by Gourav from Sula Vineyards and as a group of girls joined us for wine tasting voluntarily, it became much more fun.

We have showcased the restaurant before and you know how beautiful it is, but when you are joined by new faces and build bonds over wine and food it is an altogether different experience. Those who still haven’t yet joined us for foodies meet-up, should join us once to get that amazing feel!

Talking of food, it was a fun-ride for meat lovers as we had Kalami Makrana, Lebanese, Xytooni Jhinga, Barra Chaap, Kathi rolls and a lot of other delicacies that Zouq specializes in. Star dish of the evening that everybody literally hogged on was their unique Peshawari Chicken Biryani. Trust us when we say that the flavours at Zouq are to die for.

Taking this series of fun and food experiences ahead, we promise you a range of flavours, lot of booze, exciting personalities and the jolly-most times!

See you next month.

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