Cigarette butts are the most littered item in the world! They are non-biodegradable due to the fact that the cotton like filter in the butt is actually made up of cellulose acetate- a derivate of plastic, and not cotton! A start up from the city, The Butt Ballot has come to the fore to provide an engaging solution to tackle cigarette litter. Call 9552098989 to know more.



The Butt Ballot recently launched an environmental solution to tackle this problem. Through this product, they encourage people to dispose of their cigarette waste in a responsible and efficient manner. Instead of flicking away the butt carelessly, the smoker is engaged to stub it in the ballot they install that poses interesting questions and options to the smoker. 

What they wish to achieve?

The Butt Ballot eventually wants their reach to be so wide that every cigarette butt that is disposed is done so responsibly and undergoes a recycling process. This means-
- Primarily, generating awareness about stubbing responsibly, and educating people about the negative impact cigarette butts have on our environment;
- Bringing about mindfulness and conditioning a habit of responsible stubbing amongst smokers;
- Getting "stubbers" to be part of a larger dialogue, by voting for the question polls. Very often the questions are related to social issues.
- Creating a movement wherein people are able to see the larger picture. Stubbing in an ash-tray isn't enough as the collected waste ends up in our landfills. We need to make better choices and opt for solutions that address the problem, end-to-end. And not just with cigarette butts, with other forms of waste too.


Future plans


It has just been 4 months old and the response has been very encouraging. It's amazing to see people being eco conscious and making choices for the betterment of the health of the environment. 

As of now they have set up butt ballots mostly in pubs and restaurants. In order for the reach to be more far and widespread they aim to set them up in public spaces, at tapris, chaiwallahs, bus stops etc. That's where most of the cigarette waste is generated, and that's where the initiative will be of most use and create a larger impact.


The founders


The founders belong to different backgrounds in education. Pratik Purswani (26) is pursuing his legal studies from Pune, Hansika Mangwani (22) just recently graduated in Interior and Space Design and Nalini Mangwani (28) is a visual designer. Arnav Kholkar- he is currently studying sports management in the UK and while on his break, he is here helping out with the project. The one common thing that brought them together in this initiative is their mutual belief in working towards the betterment and sustainability of our society and environment.


Contact- 9552098989


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