For the Joy of Exquisite Home-Cooking

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Sick of eating out every day? Masterchef addict? Looking for a fun family activity? Wanna get back to healthy eating? The answer to all these is simply logging on to

From helping one source global recipes to delivering a DIY kit with measured ingredients (including those exotic hard-to-find ones), the unique city-based venture, GOURMET EAT IN, is the answer to all kinds of elaborate cooking and eating woes. What better way to experience the joy of quick cooking in the comfort of your home with no wastage of any ingredients? Read on to know more…

Nothing beats the goodness of a fresh home-cooked meal. Well thanks to Gourmet Eat In you can save yourself the trouble of sourcing a recipe, scouting the city for ingredients and even the measurement hassle. So how does this work? All you’ve got to do is log on to their website and place an order for the dish of your choice, ranging from breakfast items and salad to barbeque, desserts, pizza and multi-cuisine mains. A curated box with the freshest of ingredients measured as per the recipe will then be delivered to your doorstep at a time convenient to you! Now with measured and chopped ingredients served to you at your doorstep who wouldn’t want to cook up a storm and flaunt their culinary skills?

We can totally vouch for the awesomeness of this entire concept cuz we actually tried it out for ourselves. After a simple order procedure on their website, curated kits for THAI GREEN CURRY and INSALA CAPRESE were delivered to us. The box contained not only fresh ingredients and seasoning but also a print-out of the recipe! Along with the Thai Green Curry we also received a portion of rice. Now that’s what we call being thoughtful…Within 5 minutes we had a delicious salad ready followed by a meal for 2 including the curry and rice, in 15 minutes.

We may not all have swanky well-stocked kitchens, but lucky for us, what we do have is Gourmet Eat In. Be it bonding with your family, impressing your better half with cooking skills or the desire to eat good healthy food at the end of a long day, we’ve given you the best solution there is!

Contact: 7083001625

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