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You might think your hey-days are long gone. You barely catch up with your friends at your favourite haunt. The fast pace of life has engulfed you and restricted you to your cubicles with your eyes fixed on the screen. How often do you have an honest good time just like the old times? Just when you thought it was all over, like a Jack in the Box sprung JONKY! What with its super cool ambience laden with green hues, fresh beer, great food, amazing music and long lasting conversations with your buddies, it’s the new yet the familiar haunt in Hinjawadi that you were looking for!

Freshly brewed beer, good food and music. What more does one need in life when one has these three? Top that with an ambience that is endearing. The undeniable cornerstones, they play an unbridled role in enlivening Jonky. After a warm welcome by their hostess, step in and you will be welcomed by a wave of freshness with the hanging greens from the ceiling. A spectacular view of the skyline awaits you in their cozy outdoor section. If you are more for the quiet kind of revelry, this is your space! Want something more upbeat? Move to their bigger rooftop section and get comfy on one of their wooden tables immediately, enjoy some great music for a time that won’t cease for very long!

Without a second thought, go for their freshly brewed beer! We tried the mini version of them with the Beer Flight which came with samples of each of the brews. The Belgian Wit, Hefeweizen and the Hoppy Blonde. We could imagine how mesmerizing the foamy head would be in a tall glass! The freshness from the beer just oozes out and packs quite a punch once it hits your taste buds. We also tried one of their Cocktails which stood very true to the theme of Freshness. The Rochi Martini was a Vodka based cocktail with fresh and fruity elements like Litchi, Passion Fruit and Lime. Beautifully smooth on the palate!

With a myriad food options to choose from, we were particularly intrigued by their Chakori Kebab. Why? Because where else could you find a kebab with a flavour of coffee other than the usual Indian spices. Intrigued much? This char grilled, succulent chicken kebab with a hint of coffee plays a flavour dance on your taste buds. Served with a mayo and coffee dip, this caffeine kebab might just tick all the right boxes for you. Next up was a wholesome curry bowl of Prawn Pla Rad Prik with Egg Fried Rice. This one is for those with a big hunger and a big appetite. Seasoned Prawns are tossed in a Thai style sweet and spicy sauce. Don’t go by its appearance as it’s not as hot as it looks! With brilliant flavours, we are sure you will slurp this unique Thai Curry and down it with their Egg Fried Rice. Comfort Food at its best!

A place to unwind with friends. A place to meet like-minded people. A place to enjoy great music. A place to have a pure good time. All this over good food and drinks. A place that celebrates all good things in life. A place you can call yours! A place called Jonky! Head down to Jonky for a relaxed time like no other in Hinjawadi!

Address: 4th Floor, Xion Mall, Hinjawadi, Pune.

Contact: 8958362378

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