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Find us people who have a thing against waffles and you will be baffled to know they don’t actually exist. Waffles have become such a dessert that hating this delicate delight is simply not an option. And then there is London Bubble Co., who have been a huge factor in spreading waffle love and are lined up to make your Friendship’s Day very special! Call 9960686365 for more!


London Bubble Co., the Mumbai based brand known for its all vegetarian waffles and pancakes is offering a flat 15% off on the entire menu this Friendship’s Day. And that’s not all! Heading over to London Bubble Co., Pune this Sunday gives you a chance to win a scintillating contest as well. Stay tuned with us for the contest!


While the taste of every single item on the menu is amazing, the other thing to note is that every dessert, be it their bubble teas, shakes or waffles, are so beautifully garnished and presented that it needs to be there on your Instagram feed at any cost. The colours are vibrant, the shapes divine, and you will have a hard time to not dig your teeth into their sugar laced delights. After all, sinful indulgence is what such desserts stand for.


If at all, after this, you tentatively believe us, you need to have a look at their social profiles, and they will be enough to make you drool all over the place, like, instantly!


Instagram -


Believe us now?

FLAT 15% off on the entire menu and an amazing contest await you! Rush over and dig in!


Address- Shop 1, Madhuban Apartment, FC College Road, Near Vaishali, Pune

Call- 9960686365


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