Friendship Day offer Win a ‘FREE’ Game @ResQRoom

If you feel you are a Sherlock Holmes then you must read this! Use special coupon code DISC600 whilst booking your mission at for a free game

Tag your Squad! Date: 5th August to 12th August

Want to spend unforgettable time with your loved ones? Bring your best buddies or your family to experience the intriguing room escape adventure. We present to you ResQRoom, a place where you will need all your combined skill, spunk and rack your brains like a detective 007. Each mission is for 2-6 players! So, this Friendship’s day get your squad at ResQRoom to solve mysteries and cases that are beyond the virtual world.

You will find yourself racing the clock, trying to decrypt clues to reveal the combination of a lock that opens a chest that hides photographs that contain hints on how to read a classified map that leads to another clue within another clue within another clue. A maze of mysteries and hints…Isn’t it? If you love online escape the door type of games then now is your time to take a plunge into the world of escape games brought into reality, an experience like never before. Why glue yourselves on your gadget screens when you actually can be a part of it.

P.S. This is addictive!

We usually think of the digital realm as an imitation of the physical. Many early video games were translations of existing physical games but ResQRoom is an example of the reverse: the physical world mimicking the virtual one.

Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate friendship’s day by solving classified mysteries and riddles with your gang. Tag Them! This offer is valid only till today.

Address: 859, Dastur Meher Rd, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra 411001

Contact: 9325079191/9923889180

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