Fun Winery Camping Adventure Package by Global Footprint

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The mesmerizing climate, the pleasant chill in the air, the green carpet fringes that adorn the earth and the petrichor of the wet mud all call out to you to leave all your mundane tasks aside and raise a toast of wine to the true flavour of life this monsoon. An exciting Winery Camping Trip to Nashik by Global Footprint makes for the ultimate getaway this monsoon. During this exciting camping trip participants can enjoy wine tasting, grape to glass sessions and a lavish lunch in renowned Vineyards as well as staying in camping tents, a musical bonfire night and scenic trek and travel service to and from Pune. Call 9920061675 to book yourself for this spectacular trip on the 9th & 10th of July.

Sip on ambrosial wines at top-notch vineyard like Soma and tour across expanses of the enchanting grape vines at Vinsura and Flamingo Vineyards. Hear the grape to glass story from the best wine-makers and experts. Camp in tent for the ultimate adventure experience at India’s first Wine Park.  Sounds dreamy doesn’t it? But wait there’s more!

Not only can you taste exotic wines at the vineyard but you can also take home one complimentary bottle of wine per person from these good ol’ folks! As if that wasn’t enough, you can also make wine bottle purchases at exclusive factory prices!

Global Footprint is a pioneer travel agency in Pune that offers a bouquet of ground breaking Winery Tours. This amazing camping package is priced at Rs. 3250 per person which is an absolute steal deal!  Book before it’s too late!  

Join a group for a cherished camping and trekking experience.

To book, visit

Contact:  9920061675

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