Furniture With a Narrative: Rocking Horse

Attributes: Furniture, Sofa & Stool

What does a rocking horse remind you of? Some faint memories of your cheery childhood? A simple wooden toy-like-joyride that you rocked away to glory? Maybe your first ever encounter with personal furniture - it ‘belonged’ to you! You must be wondering why are we making you revisit your toddler days? Well we’ll tell you what ROCKING HORSE reminds us of – a furniture brand dedicated to crafting pieces that you’d connect and relate so beautifully with, that it almost becomes a ‘cherished relationship’. So when we ask you next time, what does this chair mean to you… you might just end up narrating a story!

They say a house is much more than just a shelter. It should lift us emotionally and spiritually. One key element in creating such a refuge would be the furniture. At Rocking Horse, designers Shilpa Pande and Jaidev Ranade explore the contemporary clean lines and finish, to keep the pieces easy on eyes and lyrical in space. But there is another facet to the ‘modern – look’ approach. The brand sees it as a potential way for the upliftment of traditional ingenious arts and crafts. Such designs provide the much-needed moment of alignment between the remarkable skills of local artisans and prevailing taste & market demands in furniture. Profits of Rocking Horse are returned to the craftsmen communities. Now you know what we meant when we said ‘story’!

This was a glimpse of their design philosophy. This was also a glimpse as to why you should not limit yourself to the cold run-of-the-mill retail options when you can have designs that are more organic looking and moreover responsibly designed. Browse through the images and keeping watching this space for more as we unveil their remarkable range of hand crafted pieces. Can’t wait? Get in touch here…

Contact: 098814 94073

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