Games to Help Children Explore Creative Quotient by CQ Kids

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What if we told you board games can actually help spark your child's creativity while being fun and can also bring families together? Log on to and surprise your little ones with a range of exciting games...Pune-based toy designers, CQ Kids conceptualizes, designs and manufactures imaginative and exciting games for children between the age of 4 to 12. We've all heard of IQ and EQ, but a largely unexplored area is the CQ, creative quotient of a child. That's what the team is determined to explore with their repertoire of products that include personalised, imaginative games and positive parenting tools.

Suchitra Bapat launched CQ Kids with a simple yet extremely relevant purpose - to get children to think, use their imagination and to limit their screen time. Ha! Sounds very relatable right? Today the brand is known for its innovative, creative and thought provoking products. The games are all about hours of endless enjoyment. Trust us, we tried! When designing a particular game, the 4 things that matter the most to the CQ team are fun, creativity, 3D play and logic! The very existence of a game is questioned if any of these elements is missing...
Speaking about the games, they're a perfect combination of love for arithmetic, word puzzles and logic. Not only are the names of all the games quite catchy but we were totally hooked to each of the concepts as the team explained the games to us. Each game is designed for a particular age group of children and that a lot of thought has been put into the designing is more than evident. A few of the games we absolutely loved include 'Bin-On'The-Go' that comes from the classic Bingo. This one's ideal for kids when on the move. Then there's 'Foxed' to help children hone their multiplication skills. You've also got 'Bag O Tales' and 'How In the World' among others. 
The positive parenting tools are just as exciting as the games...There's no better way to teach your little one to tell the time than their 'About Time' tool. Parents can also opt for 'Win It To Pin It' and 'Star Chart' which are tools aimed at rewarding kids for good behaviour and timely completion of activities. Just perfect! 
Make play-time combined with learning an extremely fun process for your child with CQ Kids. Here are the contact details...
Contact: 9766695121

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