Get ‘Happy High’ with the most delicious liquor cupcakes!

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Awesomeness Alert-If you believe that Dessert + Alcohol = Heaven, then get ready to experience paradise with liquor cakes from Happy High- Alcoholic cakes! Home baker, Janhvi Darji from Happy High specializes in creating the grown-up version of your favorite childhood treat by combining the sugary sweetness of cupcakes with a healthy dose of liquor! From cocktail-inspired flavours such as Mojito and Daiquiri to Beer and Vodka added to the decadent cupcakes, Happy High ensures that every bake has a fun, boozy twist.


Indulge in - Enjoy the pleasures of the decadent treats and let us warn you-one bite and you’ll never want to go back to the regular desserts again!

1) MOJITO-One of our favorite cocktails gets turned into a tasty dessert and we couldn't be more excited!Feel the fresh lemon-minty flavor and get slightly buzzed with the dash of White Rum as you enjoy each bite of this unique cupcake!

2) CHOCOLATE MARTINI-Chocolate gets an upgrade from flavored vodka in this intoxicating cupcake. Or does the vodka get a chocolate upgrade? Whatever, it’s boozy deliciousness that we just can't get enough of!

3) STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI-Don't let the innocent look of the pink icing fool you—this adventurous treat is filled with sweet candy flavor, with a dash of White Rum for an added kick.

4) RUM-TASTIC- Two of our favorite things -dark chocolate and Rum combine in this tempting cupcake that is pure decadence and sure to be every chocolate lovers dream come true!

5) SCREW DRIVER- Citrusy,tangy and refreshing,a cupcake version of one of the most loved cocktails is something you just can't miss!

6) SALTED CARAMEL WHISKEY-If you’re not so into the super sweet stuff, these whiskey infused cupcakes are the right choice for you. With the salted caramel cupcakes we now know how to make whiskey edible!


BROWNIES:If cupcakes weren't enough Happy High- Alcoholic cakes has some mouth watering brownies too:

-OREO VODKA :These fudge brownies have everything good in the world: Oreo,Chocolate,choco-chips and Vodka.Sinful would be an understatement to describe these magical brownies!

-SNICKERS WHISKEY: Take a childhood favorite chocolate and corrupt it with a shot (or two) of whiskey and you’ve got the most delicious brownie ever!The snickers whiskey fudge brownie at Happy High is everything you've ever dreamed of!


Call them today and get your hands on the most delicious liquor desserts in town!

Contact- 88796 90762


Contributed by Piyuja Sanghvi

Tags: Get ‘Happy High’ with the most delicious liquor cupcakes!

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