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MultiFit Sopan Baug stands true to its tagline-The soul of our gyms is in our trainers.Driven by its highly qualified and experienced trainers, it delivers a unique brand of functional fitness creating the perfect balance between Mind-Body-Soul.By making the workout both enjoyable and effective for every individual ,here’s a glimpse of the amazing team of Trainers at MultiFit Sopan Baug:
-Bertram Jacobs:Area of expertise:Personal training
With a fabulous experience spanning 20 year’s in professional fitness & sports, Bertram is also an athlete who has played for the Indian Team at the Mini World Cup & was with the Oman Police K9 special force. If you are worried about achieving your fitness goals, rest assured that training with Bert will guarantee you extraordinary results!
-Yogeshwaree Meghunde:Area of expertise:Strength,Cardio,Flexibility & Senior profiles.
With 7 years in Medical field and 6 years in fitness industry, Yogeshree is a highly qualified personal trainer, a nutritionist and an expert in injury rehab & disease management. Training with her promises to make one agile, strong, flexible and fit!
-Fazail Ahamed:Area of expertise: Body Building & Strength Training.
A competitive fitness athlete with the title of MuscleMania India Physique Runners up and a finalist of BodyPower Fitfactor India ,Fazail Ahamed endorses a more Methodological and Personalized Training with a holistic approach. With a Certification in Personal Training CPT from ACSM,Fazail brings forth a highly effective approach to help you achieve fitness & that body you’ve always dreamt of!
-Joseph:Area of expertise-Functional & Cardio training.
K11 certified and ACSM qualified trainer, Joseph believes in fitness through patience, interest and determination. He specializes in the areas of strength functional training, strength training and calisthenics and has bagged several prestigious awards!
-Kiran Ambadas Ughade: Area of expertise:Personal training
A certified K11 personal trainer,Kiran is also certified from Indian Shotokan Karate Institute & has a black belt in karate.With 4 years in the fitness industry,workouts with him are aimed at integrating fitness and fun in daily life.
-Prashant Arora:Area of expertise: body transformation, explosive strength and athlete training
A certified BFY India Fitness Trainer with NESTA & ACE certification, Prashant has many laurels in baseball, softball, football & cricket and you can be certain of getting fit & strong under his guidance!
So if getting fit has been on your mind this year,call MultiFit Sopanbaug and get set fit!
Address:5th Floor, Krome Mall, Pune-Solapur Road
Phone no:098908 57911
Contributed by Piyuja.S.Sanghvi

Tags: Get-Set-Fit!Personal Training only @MultiFit SopanBaug!

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