Get Your Apartment a Fix of Green from these 4 Places

The city life leaves one with many a limitations. Denizens are restricted to blocks in a building called apartments for a dwelling. Greenery, clean and fresh air evades most of us in this concrete jungle. Those who love gardens and plants can hardly plant anything in their small spaced balconies. However, the spirit of the city life doesn’t lie in this pessimism. It lies in the fact that triumphing over these limitations to develop your space the way you want is possible. Having a garden in your home and giving your apartment a fix of green is easier than ever. We tell you about 4 path-breaking places who have redefined gardening in a confined space with their beautiful and innovative ideas. Terrariums, dish gardens, table gardens are the new way of gardening. Check them out…

1. Cute Shoots:

Cute Shoots, Pune’s very first nursery for dish gardens, will show you how you can have a piece of nature and greenery right in your home. In fact, these dish gardens and terrariums can find a tiny space right on top your table!

Smita Pandya, Owner of Cute Shoots, is a master in dish garden making. As a botany graduate from Fergusson College, plants had always been close to her heart. She says that she cannot use the same idea or concept with every dish garden she makes. Thus, rendering all her dish garden creations unique. She uses dwarf plant varieties such as; Arelia, Monkey Grass, Chloro Phytum in her dish gardens. Terrariums are a wonder in themselves. Created in closed spaces such as a glass bowl with specific plant varieties and accessories, they are a model of a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Interestingly, both Dish Gardens and Terrariums are low-maintenance garden models. This does not take away from the fact that certain basic requirements have to be adhered to if these gardens are to thrive over a long period of time. Smita takes personal interest in her clients’ requirements and follows up with them diligently in the bid to help them sustain healthy gardens. Smita’s dish gardens and terrariums are nothing less than mesmerizing. Each has a story to tell. The intricate use of dwarf plants and accessories in her miniature garden creations is a skilful combination of knowledge of plants and artistry of high proportions.

Contact: 94229 87351

Address: 36, Bhagirathi Bungalow, Shivaji Housing Society, Off Senapati Bapat Road, Behind JW Marriott Hotel, Pune.

2. Bot Arto:

It was the name that caught our attention. ‘Botany + Art’ is how Ketaki envisioned her venture. And we must say her green fingers are an extension to her verdant heart. Her ornamental minimalist plants sit in beautiful handpicked accents. You can let these sit atop tables with the glass options and simply let them hand in balconies in the roped spools. Apart from the freshness, Bot-Arto plants are fuss free too! Slow release fertilizers can sustain them for upto 2 years! All you have to do is water them every 2-3 days… Ain’t it perfect for our hassled lifestyles?

The sands and stones are artistically mixed to match the colors and textures of the plants. You can get in touch with Ketaki and she’ll have your plants customized to your needs and spaces. We suggest you make good use of her passion and knowledge to create cherishable gifts for your loved ones. What can be a better present that lives and grows with them!

Additionally, these are perfect for gifting too!

Contact: +91 90114 65605

3. Life on your Table:

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. Miniature gardens growing right on your table would make for the perfect reminder of the belief in nature’s beauty and power. With a deep understanding of this belief, Ameeta Sharma Menon of Life on your table started creating products that house plants in a glass enclosure, which becomes a self-sustainable biosphere. An extension of the naturalist and designer in her, Life is based on the ancient science of Wardian terrariums and is a confluence of art and science.

What impressed us the most was the fact that none of the material that goes in to the sphere is unnatural and organic manures and herbicides are used to prevent infestation of any kind. Thus, the ecosystem is completely organic and sustainable. The plants are natural green ones and not bonsai, thus adding to the indoor air quality and purifying your surroundings. These miniature plants make for unique corporate and personal gifts as décor elements. Not only do they add natural life but also serve as a visual relief in an otherwise stressful environment. Oh and did we mention that the plants are low maintenance, can survive in artificial lighting and the complete enclosure can be shipped anywhere in the world?

Contact: +91 9049082882


4. Rolling Nature:

As we drive along them each day, the beautiful mystic aerial roots of our city is a reminder of its fine weather and finest verdure. It was only after a thorough recce and research; the Rolling Nature team today handpicks the best plants from in and around Pune. ‘It was a research at NASA that piloted the idea. The space stations, being enclosed spaces, used plants to purify air and regularizing temperature thus enhancing productivity of this brainy clan. This ideas was further fuelled by the booming concept of e-tailing… when you can order everything with a click, why not plants?’ share Vandana and Arpit of Rolling Nature.

Each product is accompanied with a thorough care and maintenance guide. So there’s the potted herbage (Ajwain, Brahmi and Mint) for your masterchef aunty and some pink Kalanchoe for that artist friend. Our favorite is the Aralia Variegated in Smiley Cup – the perfect desktop accent to brighten up the day for a workaholic pal! Do browse the categories - Flowering, Foliage, Climbers, Medicinal and Cactus & Roadside – and you’ll be spoilt for choice.

At Rolling Nature, what you see is what you get. As the image on the website promises, you receive your greens in the best of bloom- fresh with 18-20 leaves, pest free and added manure. 


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