Get Your ‘Bums On The Saddle’

You always make plans to maintain the fitness, the plans which never take off! Mostly because you never get that company to join you for fitness regime.

The newest launch in Pune is called Bums On The saddle is dedicated towards creating awareness about cycling and they have started a few really interesting activities which include City Night Rides, Mountain Biking Club and Kids Biking Club.

City Knight Riders: Pushing hard on a bicycle at 10:00 in the night to beat the rider ahead of you is something we look forward to every Wednesday night. Gearing up for a fun-filled, adrenaline pumping night ride.

Mountain Biking Club: Pune, a city surrounded by beautiful hills offers amazing opportunities for bikers to go offroading and mountain biking. Every Sunday, a hill is chosen for mountain biking. It is open for all and everyone is welcome!

Kids Biking Club: Recently started their organized kids bike rides, it is a really option for you if you hate watching your kid glued to computer or Idiot Box.

Address: BOTS, Law College Road, Opp. IndSearch, Erandwane.

Contact: 020 25412595

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