Get your hands on stunning Folk Art paintings @ Kalavithi!

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If you're an art-lover or someone who loves beautifying their home,we've found this hidden gem in Pune exclusively for you- Kalavithi!This online & home based studio is a treasure trove of India’s most loved folk art paintings!Yes- Kalavithi is every art-lovers dream come true!A single platform to get folk art from all regions of India,Kalavithi has it all-be it Madhubani from Bihar or Pattachitra from Orissa, beautiful Rajasthani paintings or the intricate Saura Tribal Art!


A one-stop shop to get your hands on Original Handpainted works of Folk artists, Kalavithi the name itself means an “Art Gallery”. Enter a world of soulful art wherein you can reconnect with your roots through mythology,rituals & architectural glory of India portrayed in these paintings! Each line painted with brush and natural pigments in every painting (they are eco-friendly too!) is a step closer to the revival of traditional art in today’s fast paced world.We love how these paintings, also fondly called painted poetry or handcrafted stories are more than just décor items;they bring in positive vibes and a sense of wellbeing in the space they adorn!


So if you’re looking to give your homes a touch of art, bring in a masterpiece of Thangka painting or beautify your office space with a Kangra Miniature or a Cheriyal Scroll!We are in absolute awe of the Applique paintings of Pipli and not to miss the Gond Tribal art which is a personal favourite!


With Indian art becoming rare, Kalavithi has made it much more accessible for Punekars to get their hands on these exquisite paintings!Want to gift but not carry it with you?Order on their website and get it delivered at the doorstep hassle-free!So go ahead & contact them or visit their home-studio and adorn the walls of your favourite space with Kalavithi’s spellbinding paintings!


Contact- 9810736474
Address- N-16,Sacred Heart Town ,Wanowrie, Pune (book prior appointment before visiting)


Contributed by- Piyuja Sanghvi

Tags: Get your hands on stunning Folk Art paintings @ Kalavithi!

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