Gift Chocolate Flavours you’ve never heard of this DIWALI!

Cuisines: Chocolate, Chocolates

Attributes: Desserts, Home made

Orange and Rose with almonds, Pulpy Pineapple, Guava Punch with Chilly, Jelly in the Belly, Mixed Seed -These are some amazing flavours of CHOCOLATES that we are talking about.



Unheard flavours of mouth melting Delicious Chocolates by Yadvik Foods! 

What better than the age old tagline of ‘Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye’ for this Diwali Gifting? 


WHY are we telling you about it?

1 Choice of some ecstatic aphrodisiacs right from dark chocolate - mocha fillings - fruity punch - crunchy nuts - mint and more!

2. Chocolates full of authentic flavours that you’d probably want to have without any break. 

3 Buy the chocolates by Kgs and choose cute packing that makes your Giftings aesthetic too!


To Order, contact Yadvik Foods: 7498079457

For bulk orders contact minimum of 3 days prior!

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