Glimpse the Golden Era of Films and more at FTII

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Situated in one of the most beautiful surroundings in Pune,FTII is one of the 5 government  funded film institute in the world.The whole campus is spread across 21 acres of lands,in Prabhat studios.The campus is mostly closed for common public,but it recently celebrated an open day on 17th and 18th September which gave me the chance of finally being able to see this amazing place.

Entering the gate,all I could see was the lush green campus,these amazing graffiti on the wall.The whole place had an old world charm to it.All the visitors were allowed to see the various departments like camera,editing,sound,lights,studios etc.Though,the best place had to be Prabhat Museum where costumes, jewellery, weapons,posters of films and various other artifacts used by Prabhat films have been preserved and displayed.

We visitors were also shown places like Wisdom tree,Shantaram pond which were all so amazing! Many books and journals from the institute were also available for sale.The institute's staff were acting as tour guides for the visitors,and showed us all these places and explained us various aspects of film making.

This place has a historical value to it, I really think every Punekar must visit the place once to relive all the memories of the films by the Prabhat Studios. 

Author and Picture Credit: Mansi Picha

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