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Levart is 'travel' spelt backwards. Need we say more?
Traveling opens eyes, warms hearts and frees minds… and then it turns you into a storyteller. And this is exactly how it happened for Bhavya and Payal when they came up with this inventive idea. On their travels, they collected memories of different cultures and lands in the form of novelties, decor accents and table top accessories.
This is not essentially a souvenir shop because they don't travel as tourists. They try and get as close as possible to the soul of a place and pick something that becomes the essence. Infact the remarks book of the store will ask you your favourite travel and the priceless bauble you picked from there!
Their energy goes to an infectious level when they talk about reviving dying arts and crafts. You'd want to chuck your penchant for brands when you see handcrafts with added utility and contemporary looks. For instance, the blue pottery piggy banks! 
Inject drama into your space and stamp it with their limited edition hand picked collectibles from far away lands. The products include the description so that you exactly know the pain staking craftsmanship that was conjured. And trust us, no machine made finish can cope up with the labor of love. You can infuse some hippie character to your wardrobe with the nomadic Afghan textile products.There are hand-woven muddis and chowkis from Rajasthan that you can place in your abode with cool carelessness.
However what left us awestruck were the meenakari decorative plates from Iran. They'll surely lend a voice even to the most neutral wall of your home. There are some pieces which will come as a benefit from their travel.. And then their are some that you'd want to possess to relive yours.
Maybe it's true what they say... not all who wander are lost. Kudos to the girls for their endeavour. 
Address: 2nd floor, Gulshan building, 273/1B, Baner Road, Varsha Park
Contact: +91 9850888821

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