Glorify Your Walls With ‘Art From The Heart’ by Shivani Malpani

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Custom made, affordable and peppy artwork is what’s keeping artist Shivani Malpani busy these days. Her newest venture ‘Art From The Heart’ is a springboard of brush strokes of myriad colors, rhapsody of textures and a mash up of playful mixed media. This collection of poptastic frames would awaken even the drabbest of your walls… Inspired already? Well, you can have pieces customized to your taste and space.

‘You should own a painting not because of the (greatness of the) painter but because it should arouse an emotion in you when you look at it’ points out Shivani. The only emotion it evoked in us was cheeriness. Not essentially from a fine art backdrop, she’s always enjoyed her plunge in the palette. But wait… its not only kaleidoscopic colors you should expect. The play trickles into material medium as well. Cassettes, nut bolts, origami… its hard to even count out the sources of inspiration. It was actually after her brief stay in Florence, that all her imagination was channeled into these prettyish accents. Surely, she has the midas’ touch to breathe in happiness in all of them.   

You can have yours customized to themes, sizes and colors. We suggest juxtaposing landscape and portrait frames so as to create a grid of psychedelic frames. And not to mention the affordable pricing add to the joy of acquiring these. We’d love to wake up to these each day! If the idea is growing on you already, get in touch with her here…

Contact: +91 9011289249

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