Go Green with Miniature 'Life On Your Table' Plants

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To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. Miniature gardens growing right on your table would make for the perfect reminder of the belief in nature’s beauty and power. With a deep understanding of this belief, Ameeta Sharma Menon of Life on your table started creating products that house plants in a glass enclosure, which becomes a self-sustainable biosphere.

A piece of life on your table, in Ameeta’s opinion, is a reminder in our daily lives to spare just a moment to be one with nature and get that much needed breath of fresh air. Inspired by a book to try out the art of terrarium design and making, it took Ameeta a lot of effort, research and trials until she got the ‘first set’ right. An extension of the naturalist and designer in her, Life is based on the ancient science of Wardian terrariums and is a confluence of art and science.

What impressed us the most was the fact that none of the material that goes in to the sphere is unnatural and organic manures and herbicides are used to prevent infestation of any kind. Thus, the ecosystem is completely organic and sustainable. The plants are natural green ones and not bonsai, thus adding to the indoor air quality and purifying your surroundings. These miniature plants make for unique corporate and personal gifts as décor elements. Not only do they add natural life but also serve as a visual relief in an otherwise stressful environment. Oh and did we mention that the plants are low maintenance, can survive in artificial lighting and the complete enclosure can be shipped anywhere in the world? We can’t wait to add some green life to our lives. If you wish to do the same, get in touch with Ameeta with your dream world and allow her to create it for you.

Contact: +91 9049082882

Website: www.lifeonyourtable.com

Fb: www.facebook.com/lifeonyourtable

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