Hand-painted Designer Bottles to Light Up Your Fav Spaces

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Got a favourite cozy corner at home you want to light up? We suggest taking a look at the range of stunning hand-painted bottles by The Mind’s Eye. Contact Akshata Ghule on 8806966415 or Priyanka Wadhwani on 9970708689 and get yourself customised designer bottles that are not only great home décor elements but also gorgeous gifts for loved ones…

The Mind’s Eye is all about what the eyes can see and how the mind perceives the same thing in a totally different innovative light…Inspired by this functioning, 2 young Pune-based girls started their own venture that now boasts of a range of creative glass pots, glass candle holders, wind chimes, wall hangings, photo frames and hand decorated mirrors amongst many others. The bottles, which are also their hot sellers, absolutely caught our fancy and how! Each hand-painted bottle is designed differently making it unique and a prized possession.

If you’re looking at getting something customised, Akshata and Priyanka can have a name or even a special date written on the bottle. Priced between Rs. 350 to Rs. 1500 we think these stunning bottles are a beautiful way to decorate your home or office and also make for an innovative gift for a special someone. Filled with fairy lights or fresh flowers, you could get creative with the hand-painted bottles in different ways…

Call on the numbers given above or leave a message on their FB page and the girls will design a bottle keeping your theme and other specifications in mind.


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