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If we have given you a high calorie week, we plead guilty! But ain’t Christmas all about indulgence? And where there is indulgence, there has to be CHOCOLATES. Our hunt for the richest deal ended with chocolatier & home baker Shruti and her label Sweet Moments. We spoilt our taste buds silly with coffee, butterscotch, hazelnuts, strawberry, orange, liquor and what not! (~isn’t our job enviable… hehehaha~)

Her home is a chocolate chip factory with kilos of chocolate, dollops of cream, bagsful of nuts and magic potions of liquor. But she is a non-conformist. She’ll not limit herself to the bookish gyaan and will spend hours & hours of permutation and combination of different chocolates and complimenting flavors to get that sinful Oscar-like-perfect taste.

Before the tasting, she had us at the handcrafted packaging itself. Bouquets and boxes in all shapes and sizes can be ordered as per your liking. It’s these little-little details that go into making the gift memorable and the emotion behind the gifting cherishable.

We’re biased for all things coffee and all things liquor. However, we suggest you order an assorted pack so there is something for everyone - the uncles, the aunties, the friends and obviously the kids. To get your order customized and for minimum order details get in touch here (and thank us later)…

Contact: +91 9730165686

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