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Crab Chilly Pouch, Crab Chilly Soup, Irish on the Rocks. Sounds like dishes straight from a cozy high end bistro right? Wrong! In the heart of Akurdi, lies a small casual café lesser known. With a ubiquitous name like Café Uniq Aroma, the dishes here can give a run for their money to any Bistro. With most things on the menu available under Rs. 150, this makes a perfect hang-out joint for college-goers.

Stranded and hungry one sunny afternoon in Akurdi, we decided to head to this rather unusual looking place in search of a bite to cure our hunger pangs. The words Crab Chilly Pouch and Crab Chilly Soup were decorated on the door as their new introductions. We were feeling bold and decided to go for it. The Crab Chilly Pouch is an innovative take on the Wrap or Roll. A stuffing of sautéd crab meat, onion, garlic, bell peppers and a generous amount of cheese and mayo kept oozing out of the Flour Based Pouch roasted to perfection. Ummm! A delicious snack. The Crab Chilly Soup was a bowlful of clear soup with loads of veggies and crab meat seasoned perfectly!

Next up, we moved to some Egg-novations! Devil’s Salad. A bowl of diced wholly half-fried eggs, tomatoes, bell peppers and onions, it is dressed generously with Mayo. Not to mention, the seasoning was perfect with a tantalizing touch of a secret mix. Hash Omelette was one heavy dish with a base of grated potato, caramelized onions; topped with two eggs, sliced green peppers, tomato and chunky chicken. Steamed to perfection, this dish with a spicy punch cannot wait to be devoured.

It is impossible to leave this place without trying one of their coffees. We went with the Irish on the Rocks and it blew our minds! A perfect summer caffeine fix, it is served in a tall cup with an Irish flavoured shot mixed with an espresso shot (make it 2 if you really like it strong!) and ice cubes. This version of a ‘never ending cup of coffee’ is bound to make you rise with energy on a lazy afternoon. Chocolate Lovers, treat yourselves to a sinful load of chocolate and crushed Oreo with Choco Dusty.

Owner, Amit Solapurkar, is a seasoned Kitchen Professional and has years of experience of working with International Cruises and Hotel Chains. Now settled in Pune, he set up Café Uniq Aroma for the love of coffee as he found it difficult to find a decent cup of coffee to his liking in the area. He only wishes to offer people his simple yet innovative takes on many of the common offerings found in eateries elsewhere. If you find yourselves in Akurdi, do try some of the unique dishes at this café.

Address: Opposite Income Tax Office, Near Akurdi Railway Station, Akurdi, Pune.

Contact: 7710935764





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