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The screen was jam packed at 10:00 in the morning. We had to do this review from the front row – we believe that’s the reason Sonakshi was looking fat in this movie.
Good part about the movie:
The decent pace, intelligent thinking of the proceedings (at lot of places it was literally unpredictable), undoubtedly Akshay Kumar​ and few action sequences.
Bad part about the movie:
Sonakshi Sinha – god knows why bollywood has to cast a female lead actor, forcefully infused love story, bad songs and that too not so properly placed, and its length.
What’s so refreshing:
Probably for the first time in the movie, terrorism was neither about Pakistan nor from a particular religion. In fact the director very explicitly communicated that terrorists, terrorism and religion has no relation. Terrorism is explained as byproducts of dissatisfaction with government/country.
The most amazing part was that ‘the entire take on terrorism was projected with such a practical angle without getting emotions involved.’ If terrorist can sacrifice their life during Taj attack why can’t we become suicide bombers and kill them, becomes the genesis of the movie. When five girls are kidnapped, Akshay was not talking about their family and other stuff… rather the movie was heavily focused on the rescue strategy.
Even the head of bads, was not ugly looking bearded guy. Rather he was a handsome looking dude, with an amazing physic, and superbly tech savvy – any girl can fall for him.
Talking about the story piece – Holiday begins when Captain Virat Bakshy comes back to Mumbai for holidays (now you know the logic behind movie’s title). First fifteen minutes is dedicated to Akshay / Sonakshi love story which makes you feel – ‘oh man what a boring and predictable story line it is. Just after you start cursing the movie, a terror blast kills school kids in a bus. A suspect is caught and it leads to series of more suspects who're part of a devious demolition plan by - Sleeper Cells (term that you will often hear in the movie). His holiday turns into havoc and Virat becomes a one-man army - who intelligently salvage Mumbai from exploding into flames. 
Overall 3 Shors from us.

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