Home Decor with an ethnic twist by Craft Village India !!

Attributes: Decor, Cushion & Throws, Others

A dash of tradition or call it ethnicity, Crafts Village India adds it to your home decor by using that much forgotten ‘zariwala khana’ cloth in a unique manner!
So what all do we have with the twist of ‘zari khana’?
Pillow Covers, Jewellery Box, Photo Frames, Cup Coasters and Serving Trays.

Remember similar fashion accessories that we had displayed here a few days back? These are the new introductions from the same artist, Mrs. Ketaki Torane under her unique brand Crafts Village India.

We were mighty impressed with the quality of the products. The finishing, quality of the materials, designs…everything is just brilliant.

CityShor recommends these products for the ethnic appeal and for the quality.

Ketaki Torane – 9850615866

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