Home-Made Bawa Delicacies at The Secret Chulha this Sunday!

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The Secret Chulha #3: Parsi Bonu by Villo Ankleseria

Date: 20th December; Time: 12 PM to 2 PM

For Bookings Contact: 9820740361(Pre-booking compulsory)

We Punekars have a secret affair with the Parsi culture that flourished more than a hundred years ago in the camp area and even their food has become an integral part of Pune’s culinary map. But we still haven’t really explored the details of this beautiful cuisine. With the 3rd instalment of The Secret Chulha at Euriska this Sunday, you get an exclusive chance to understand and enjoy the Parsi food that is cooked by Villo, our oldest and the most experienced Home chef!

The Secret Chulha, your  only bridge to Home Cooks & cuisines that you have either never heard off or experienced, is trying to bring about an experience that is 2nd to none other. Private, Community dining with Fellow foodies & local cuisines from Private home Kitchens! We’d say this is a food experience that is not commonly available anywhere else as the home-chefs design their own menu and present the traditional recipes.

This time you have a chance to gorge on something that is very close to Pune, the traditional Parsi Bonu (yes! Bawa!) cooked by Villo Ankleseria at Euriska. Can it get better than this! Yes it can, cos there will be ‘daaaaru’ as well.

Just to give you guys an idea about how unique The Secret Chulha is, here’s what they offered in last two events. The traditional Bohri dishes from the Bohri Kitchen coming down all the way from Mumbai & Gitika's Assamese food with the quite-essential North-Eastern flavours.

Villo brings decades of cooking experience, and introduces  you to Real Bawa food! This  is gonna be a sell out from the word go, so pls book ASAP as there are limited seats only and so many Bawa food lovers!

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