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Brass has always dawned an old world charm. Be it pooja paraphernalia, yantras or figurines, it has always been carved into a somewhat auspicious image. And all of this occurred to us when we were awestruck by the picturesque assemblage of brass artifacts by Prabhu. The fact that they made their way to a ‘style’ carnival itself confirms their contemporary appeal as well as their timeless beauty. 
The collection has it all that to catch the fantasy of a true art connoisseur. Intricately carved deities off the mythological pages depicted in graceful mudras along with lots of ornamental elements derived from nature. 
The embedded turquoise and vermilion hued elements mosaicked on various figurines gives the facets a breath of freshness and offsets the brass tone beautifully. out of all imposing compositions, we were totally floored by the Radha-Krishna symphony!
Maybe it’s just the way he looks, but Ganpati always gathers admiration, whichever form he maybe poised in. Our favorite – the elephant ride by the elephant god himself and Riddhi-Siddhi… who would have imagined that?   
With the festival of light just around the corner, illuminate all corners of home with the hanging diyas. The variations have parrots and peacocks perched playfully holding little bells. Talking of bells, their selection temple bells are worth a mention too. 
This collection does not necessarily carry only religious connotation or significance. However, they’ll still bring in the much-needed peaceful vibes in your abode. And if you happen to have a courtyard or a patio, it is the perfect accessory. We have been told that these are low maintenance (or should we say no maintenance) accents. 
To pick your favorite pieces rush to 
Style Pottli at Hyatt Regency 
Or simply call Ganesh Kothari on +91 9049583584, 9096770036
Event closes today evening.

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