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Iron Man returns refreshed and ready for action in third installment is actually a double-sequel, both to ‘Iron Man 2′ and to last year’s mega-hit ‘The Avengers,’. Oh… before I start, let me tell you it’s not a review – it’s more like a die-hard Iron Man fan writing only all goody goody things about it.

If you’re an Iron Man fan like me, and you loved the first two, then not only are you going to love this flick, you’ll be going gaga about it. If by now you haven’t seen Iron Man 3 or you are not planning to see it today, then you might not call yourself an Iron Man fan.

The most famous Robert Downey Jr is always showcased as a brilliant scientist, witty and inventor who’s impossibly wealthy and irresistible to women. But his new avatar in III is shown differently here. Here we see the character more damaged and vulnerable than ever, but also softer and more amiable. But his wit continues as ever.

Tony Stark (Downey Jr) is having trouble readjusting back into everyday life after his near death experience in New York during the climatic ending of The Avengers. In an attempt to suppress his anxiety, he throws himself into building fancy new suits while ignoring his love. It’s not long, however, before Stark’s most powerful enemy yet, The Mandarin takes it upon himself to dismantle Stark’s home and world in every which way possible. This is when you see the comeback of Downey Jr. and your much favorite, awaited action scenes… and believe me …. This time it’s more HEROIC… and STYLISH.

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