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When there’s a 'Gou Mukh' gracing the entrance to a Marathi fine-dine, you can rest assured a lot of thought has been put into the entire décor of the restaurant…In keeping with our promise in the previous article, today we’re telling you guys about the extra-ordinary décor of J1 (or JEVAN) located on Ghole road. From major artefacts to smaller details like the colour of the menu, the entire décor of this fine-dine is a very well thought out and planned one. Having heard the story behind every element including the name, we’re in awe and can safely conclude we got a lesson or two in history!

For quite a while the entire space taken up by J1 had been creating a buzz and excitement as to what is it that’s coming up…Now having spent time at the fine-dine, we were convinced the décor deserved an entire post to itself! The first thing to catch our attention was the 4 wooden windows gracing the glass facade. From the kadappa flooring to the pillars and pillar bases out of a wada and even the black ceiling inspired by the olden smoke-covered ones, each aspect at J1 is reminiscent of a traditional Maharashtrian home or wada. To give the place a rustic feel even the use of old switchboards has been made. Oh and did we mention, the warm water in your finger bowl comes from a 'Bamba' and the wash basin is a 'Ghangala'?

Speaking of the smaller elements, each one of them is very thoughtfully used and has significance with the culture…From unfinished old tea cups and saucers, ladles, an old tiffin box and iron to first day stamps of Shivaji, a milk cooker from 1950s, tiny bullocks and a wooden 'Zaat' you’ll want to spend time really discovering the artefacts displayed on the walls around the restaurant. While at the table it was the hammered cutlery that caught our attention. At the end of your traditional meal you’ll even be given your bill in an old paan box! When we say a lot of thought has been put into the décor, even the air conditioner remote is enclosed in an old clock stand and the tissue holder too is wooden! What a perfect blend of rustic and modern…

If the décor of a place is so amazing, we can’t wait to tell you guys more about the food! Until then do look out for the elements mentioned above…

Contact: +91 9545164000

Address: 1202/5, Ghole Road, Near MJM Hospital, Shivaji Nagar, Pune411004 

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