Jingle All The Way - Pune's 1st & Unique Kids Event

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With 5 sections, and 34+ Life size games spread across 15000 sq ft, Jingle All The Way on 8th & 9th April (4 - 11 PM) at The Monalisa Kalagram, Koregaon Park, is Pune’s first of its kind and unique all Kids event.

Parents, Uncles, Aunts, Grandpa’s, Grandmom’s and all those who care for their kids happiness, Jingle All The Way - Pune's 1st & Unique Kids Event is that one perfect option that you shouldn’t miss.

The difference between parents & great parents is a happy kid! Being a parent is the most amazing of life’s achievements, a milestone that transforms an individual. From the very moment we are crowned as parents of the kingdom of family, our life’s journey than becomes a beautiful and exciting bouquet of happiness. And 
the fragrance of this bouquet is that of the happiness of our Kids.

Their smile, their quirks, everything about our kids, then becomes the epicenter of our being, our existence. And in today’s chaotic and demanding life, we fall prey to the circumstances of both of our professional & personal existence & amidst all these, we forget that there is that one little innocent soul, who doesn’t understand the complex nature of life and that all they ever expect from us are those moments of being around, playing with them, talking to them, making them feel important.

Not that as parents we are wrong, but we have forgotten how to be right. But for all those happy moments, that we as parents missed , here’s our chance to reclaim those lost moments. Two days of absolute happiness, Two days of absolute excitement, Two days of being a parent that you wanted to be for your kid, Two days of making your kids feel, “They are important”

Jingle All The Way (JATW) is one such epic event that guarantees a 1000 volt smile on the face of each and every kid that participates. Pune’s first of its kind and a unique Only KID event, JATW is that all healing event that will help you transform from being a parent to being great parents!

So What to Expect at Jingle All the Way:

A bouquet of life size games, all for the first time in Pune, specially designed for kids between 4 – 14 years. The entire event is spread across 15000 sq ft, the largest spread of any kids event so far. JATW has 5 sections with a total of 34+ life size games for your kids. Games that have been never seen, never experienced before for the first time ever in Pune, and in your kids lifetime!

Today we feature 5 among the 34+ life size games at JATW

Angry Bird: A Life size realistic version of the famous Angry bird game. Let your kids hit them evil pigs, only this time, this one is as real as it gets. A life size sling shot, the famous characters and an excited and a happy Kid!

Pull Your Kid: While your Kid is comfortably seated on a mat, the game is about pulling the mat and crossing the winning line, while your Kid is still on the mat. Oh, this one’s a competitive game. Remember, your kid is looking upto you and you don’t want to lose!

Push the Ball: A Team is tasked to push a ball to its mark only using water guns. Aim and Fire! Only this time, Holi comes again!
Connect Four: Playing against an opponent Kid, the task is to get four circles of a single colour. Intelligence and fun, this one game is sure as exciting as its colourful

Hungry Human Hippos: Like them hippos, gather as many colourful balls in a basket and beat the opponent! A team game, while the partner will hold on to legs of their partner. Let them hippos eat!

Well then, these are the first 5 of the life size games that you & your kids can participate at JATW. So without a futher ado, mark your calendar for 8th and 9th April 2017. What more, tag your family, friends and all those whom you would want to share the happiness of JATW with.

Jingle All The Way | 8th & 9th April | 4 PM to 11 PM | The Monalisa Kalagram, Koregaon Park

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