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With 15000 Sq feet of space, 5+ Game Zones and 34+ Life size games, Jingle All The Way - Pune's 1st & Unique Kids Event on 8th & 9th April 2017, (4-11 PM) at The Monalisa Kalagram, Koregaon Park is one of its kind event in the city, which guarantees happiness and thrill unlike ever before for your kids.

So for those who have missed our earlier articles on the Life size games showcased, here’s a recap.

In the earlier articles, we have mentioned about 3 games section with 18+ life size games, starting from angry birds games to Hungry Hippos. A giant jenga game to a team game of eating donuts! In a nut shell, Jingle All The Way has games that Kids have never been experienced before and never will be experienced again!

Today we bring to you, another of the 5 gaming section – The Water Games Section!


Water Balloon Baseball: Has your kid ever played baseball? No. This time let them play the game and let them play it with a twist. With a water filled balloon thrown at them, all they have to do is to hit the balloon with their baseball bat. Excited much! We are!!!


Pass The Water: A team game, wherein the Kids are supposed to win the game by passing the water as fast as they can with the least spillage!


Water Balloon Volleyball: Team pitching against each other in a volleyball match! The Change here, the ball is not the typical volleyball instead its a water filled balloon the teams have to catch the ball with the help of a sheet! Hold on tight, you drop it, you lose it!


Squirt Gun: A colored water filled Squirt gun, and your kid will be creating masterpiece by spraying the water all over a white canvas!


Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting: Feet covered with Bubble wrap and dipped in colors, your kids now walk a colorful path!

Excited now? Well we know you just can’t control the excitement and are eagerly waiting for Jingle All The Way! Revealing soon, the ticketing and other details! Just one thing more, now that you know about JATW, spread the word and let your friends and families know of this unique first ever all Kids event at Pune!


Jingle All The Way | 8th & 9th April | 4 PM to 11 PM | The Monalisa Kalagram, Koregaon Park


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