Kartikey Sharma: Painting Dreams to Life

How does one go from being a mechanical engineer to an artist? Sometimes, it’s a simple wish to never wake up disliking what one does for a living. Meet Kartikey Sharma, a concept based artist from Pune, who turned his hobby into a profession with a firm belief in doing what he loves and loving what he does.

How it all started…

As a student at SIT Lavale, Kartikey always participated in the college fest. He and his friends were part of the creative team that decided to paint a huge empty wall on the college campus. During the final year of college, a live video was taken of Kartikey painting the theme of the fest on this wall over 14 hours! The video was uploaded on Redbull.in and since then there’s truly been no looking back for this artist. One of the fondest memories for him has been his live painting during a fashion show. The show started off with a plain background which he brought to life with his work and completely transformed by the end of the show. A truly rockstar moment among a huge round of applause from the audience!

Artsy endeavours…

Kartikey started off with doing canvas but eventually realised that he was restricting his audience. More concerned with the reach of his wok over the benefits he would reap, Kartikey figured street graffiti was the best way to put his art out there for people to see. That’s also when he started painting huge walls around the city. As a graffiti artist he has put across positive messages for good causes via his paintings, like “We take responsibility in our hands” on a wall in Shivaji Nagar, “Get tested” and “Use protection” on a wall at Connaught Place. We absolutely loved his “Celebrating life” message painted across the parking wall of a hospital in Viman Nagar. Today Kartikey also works for corporate clients in addition to customised projects and doodle art for interior decorators.

Artist(ic) Take…

It was the love for life and not just the love for art that inspired Kartikey right from the very beginning. As a concept-based artist, one will always find a hidden story in each of his works. He concentrates on the vibe of the place and ensures that every painting is unique and no story is ever repeated. With a firm belief in giving everything in life a try as there really is no tomorrow, Kartikey is ensuring to make each of his dreams come true through art. When quizzed about his future plans, this artist bowls you over with a simple answer – to make wall graffiti a trend and just be the first himself, the first Kartikey Sharma.

You can get in touch with him on: +91 9673463834

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