Kashmiri Craft Bazar - Hidden Treasure in Sakal Nagar

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What looked like a random furniture store, actually turned out to be a treasure house of handmade artefacts and décor pieces from Kashmiri! Located next to Vrindavan Lawns in Sakal Nagar, Abhimanshree, this 19 year old store boasts of the most exquisite handmade décor pieces and furniture that are manufactured in Kashmir and brought here. Most often one would cross this store located off the main road passing it off as a random one, but on entering it we discovered some amazing pieces at super inexpensive prices! Why walk into a mall when a treasure of this sort is located so close to Aundh?

Whether it’s a small tea-light holder (the cutest we’ve seen with a little glass door) or vases or even wooden storage boxes, we came across some lovely items that aren’t just useful but are also sure to add to the décor of any home. The place also has a variety of antique looking telephones! For all those of you who’ve wanted to get something like this, these phones are available in various types and for a lot less compared to what we’ve seen in malls. We also stumbled upon some very artistic wall braces that could be used to place small décor pieces on or maybe even a tiny planter. Something as simple as a storage box is also available in various sizes with tiny little locks and beautiful carving…

The outside area of the store is dedicated to the largest variety of cane baskets we have ever seen!! From those used for storage and décor purposes to even picnic baskets, we saw the maximum variety in tonnes of sizes and shapes. Here you’ll also discover every furnishing piece from rocking chairs and stools to swings and stand! We however simply loved the various décor pieces that we spotted. The products are made of Shisham wood and are manufactured in Kashmir from where they’re brought to Pune. The prices really left us amazed! It’s a shame we had no idea we’d find such a vast variety of gorgeous pieces at this place. But we truly believe it’s better late than never.

We’re sure some of you must have already checked out the Kashmiri Craft Bazar, but for the others we insist you pay a visit and indulge in some home retail therapy.

Address: Next to Vrindavan Lawns, Sakal Nagar, Abhimanshree

Contact: Tariq Beigh on +91 9766391113

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