Largest Rare Fish Aquarium in Puneri Festival!

Puneri Festival is brought to you by Title Sponsors KidzCloud and Frustar at Shubharambha Lawns, Kothrud on the 6th, 7th and 8th of May 2016.

Punekars! Ready yourselves for a visual treat. A rare opportunity to witness the largest Rare and Exotic Fish Aquarium in Puneri Festival.

Malawi Cichlids, Central American Cichlids, Red Tail Golden Arowana, Lungfish, Mono Sebae, Mono Angel, Uaru amphicanthoides and many more! Never heard of these fish before right? These colourful gliders of the water in silvery, golden, smooth, glossy looks in all shapes and sizes will leave you awe-struck!

These exquisite fish species will be displayed in specially built Biotope Aquariums which make these exhibits even more special. This will prove to be a great chance for children to know more about marine life and ecosystem.

Biotopes are special and uniform designs of an artificial habitat which imitates the real-life habitat conditions. Specific environmental conditions as required by particular species are recreated so as to enhance the survival and sustenance of these species. One of the Biotopes on display at the Puneri Festival will be of South-American nature.

The aquariums will be of both Fresh Water and Saline Water categories. That goes to show the variety of species one will get to witness here. For instance, you might find a fish here, which lives in fresh water in the hot season and moves to saline water in the cold season!

With species that you never knew of before, this exhibit is absolutely unmissable. A truly rare opportunity, reasons for going to the Puneri Festival just got better!


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