Lessons Come Alive with Adventure Only at Rivers and Ridges

Education is said to be the most lethal weapon, because with it one can change the world. And Rohan Ratnapal of Rivers and Ridges understands the importance of educating young minds, using adventure as a tool. Cuz aren’t adventures the best way to learn?

The environment does not need protection; we need a world where the environment does not have to be protected. And Rivers and Ridges believes in teaching your young ones, how awareness can change the understanding of our biodiversity. Replace a closed classroom with an open grassland, all-round personality development lessons and fun activities. What do you get? An adventure camp full of happy, nurtured young minds. An adventure camp is an opportunity for children to learn, to explore and to take home some unforgettable memories and some exciting bonfire stories.

Camp details:

1.        Youth Summer Camp 2015 - Jungle Adventure
Location: Mulshi 
Dates: 13th and 14th April
Age group: 7 to 16

2.       Youth Summer Camp 2015 - Valleys and Cliffs
Location: Sandhan Valley near Bhandardara
Dates: 18th and 19th April
Age group: 10 to 16

3.       Youth Summer Camp 2015 – Beach Adventures
Location: Shrivardhan – Murud – Phansad
Dates: 22nd, 23rd and 24th April
Age group: 10 to 16

Determined to give children a real feel of what adventure truly is, the team at Rivers and Ridges has a myriad range of activities planned out. From rifle shooting and archery that help improve focus and attention to recycling workshops, valuable lessons will be learnt at each step. Activities like identifying bird calls, studying animal behaviour by setting up trail cameras in the forest and getting surprised by what the photographs reveal on the next day, are sure to leave a big grin on the face of little ones. Pushing themselves to do better will be an exciting lesson for the kids to learn through hiking, rappelling and trekking. Stargazing while learning the basics of night photography will most definitely leave every kid mesmerized and turn into the fondest memory.

Make this summer an exceptional one for your kid with Rivers and Ridges.

Contact: +91 7350064961

Website: www.riversandridges.com

Fb: www.facebook.com/riversandridges

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