Let's Baati with Dal, Chicken or even mutton!

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Have you tried Chicken or Mutton Baati before? 

LET'S BAATI delivers some lip-smacking range of not just Dal Baati, Khichdi and enticing Combos! Their unique menu is available Only via Delivery | Order through Swiggy or Zomato.


Let's Baati is a delivery kitchen that operates from Pimple Nilakh, Kothrud and Viman Nagar. They focus on REGIONAL FLAVOURS that suit the changing tastes in our town. 


Right from Nagpuri, Khandeshi, Rajasthani roots; order the variations in their Menu and feel the homely presence in the meals with a good amount of desi ghee along with each of your serving. 




DAL BAATI | Comes with 2 wholesome Tandoor Baatis and a good portion of Dal with Mirchi Pickle and a whole sachet of Desi ghee.

(Try it with the Gatta Sabji and Churma combo to have a bit so bloated but fully satisfied meal)


SAOJI CHICKEN BAATI | The Nagpuri flavours of chicken curry with 2 Tandoor Baatis, Chunda and the Desi ghee reminds you of your mother's love for sure. 


KHANDESHI VEG KHICHDI | Khichdi that is filled with Khandeshi flavours made our Indrayani Rice that reminds you of your own house come with Ker Sangri pickle and Papad Chutney to Go along with. 


They have a lot of other dishes on their menu like Chicken Dhaba Baati, Laal Maas Baati, Roti / Rice Combos.  


For more details about Let's Baati check Online deliveries on Swiggy OR Zomato.

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