Listening Post: A Talking Space

“Man Is A Social Animal”, how many times have we come across this statement in our high-school days? Such a basic issue this statement talks about. A part of it means that you need to talk and listened to; in short you need to communicate!

With the families going micro and life getting only about work and career, many have just forgotten the above statement. Many a times, you feel like talking but none to listen to you. There can be a little issue bothering you for long and you can’t talk about it to anyone. Reason can be anything, but you need to talk!

It is not necessary that you need to talk because there is an issue or a problem, but you just want to share something or just talk generally. You may also feel like sharing something joyful, but maybe there is no one who will listen to you with ‘compassion’.

Why is CityShor writing something like this today? Are we getting philosophical? Maybe yes. A small space in Aundh ‘Listening Post’ got us intrigued and interested. Now we share the concept ‘Listening Post’ with you!

It is the space where ‘anyone’ can go and talk out anything that they want to, about some issue, joy or just plain simple friendly talks! The people over here will ‘listen’ to you, with compassion! That’s all these people do, for doing something good to society. It is an initiative by Saathi Haath Badhana, an NGO which strives to work in three fields, viz. Compassion, Gender Mainstreaming and Transitional Skills. 

Let us assure you that this space is safe and confidential, you don’t even have to disclose your name. So we would say, if you want to open up and don’t have anybody who will listen to you, ‘Listening Post’ is here for you.

When you walk in, you will meet a ‘Listening Champion’ for your first conversation. There is no time limit and you can be rest assured that you speak to trained professionals. You may go back as many times as you choose, and you may converse with a different volunteer each time. The volunteers speak a variety of tongues and will ensure that you are understood. As you talk with them, you will be able to work your way to an easier mind and a clearer vision of how you can cope or resolve your issues.

Listening Post can be created anywhere and they can help you create it in school, college and corporate.

All Listening Post walk-in services are free of charge.

Drop in hours: 
Monday 2.30pm to 5.30pm
Wednesday 10.30am to 1.30pm
Friday 5.00pm to 8.00pm

Address: SHB Social Foundation, Shop 1, Siddharth Building, Near Chitale Bandhu, Gaikwad Nagar, Aundh. 


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