Madhubani Crafts from Palaash

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You don’t need to be an art connoiseur to make art a part of your life…
How about getting a small piece of this Bihari Art in your house and use it in your daily routine? That’s Madhubani Craft for you by a very young artist Miss. Vedvati Deo.

Ardhanareshwar, parrots, fish, peacocks, the sun, elephants…Madhubani art is all about celebrating nature!

So what all can you get in Madhubani Craft?

Decorative Lamps

Cup Coasters

Shot Glass


You can see in the photographs that the artistic figures on these products are highly detailed, and full of colors. The artist has tried to put art in your life by choosing the products mostly used in our daily routine.

It is her belief that if we can infuse art into daily life, living a stress-free and beautiful life looks very easy. Since Madhubani is inspired totally from nature, you will feel close to nature even while following routine.

Madhubani Products under the brandname Palaash are available for sale.

Contact: Miss. Vedvati Deo on 7798620242

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