Mahabaleshwar’s Unexplored Trails led to a Hidden Church

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The Woods are calling you!

If you haven't been able to figure out a trip lately, thinking there isn't a lot to do this monsoon because you have already explored most of the suburbs and the forts, then we give something to add in your to-do-list. Because we found an unexplored church camouflaged in the lush greenery of Mahabaleshwar that will give you a spooky feeling down your spine.

Unexplored paths led to undiscovered treasures which is why exploring the unexplored should be your travel goals. The church is old, rustic, carved out of red stones. Surrounded by sumptuous vegetation and enveloped by clouds, the church rests at the top of a hill and this thick belt of clouds and vegetation masks it from rest of the Mahabaleshwar and that is why many people are not aware of it, just a few minutes’ walk from the main market will lead you to this church. The place might look abandoned but it is not! Still, it is spooky af! It has a breath-taking view which is good for photo shoots. If someone is in search of peace then peace awaits you there.

 After you are done treating your eyes don’t forget to treat your stomach. When you climb down the steps of the hill you will see a small Batata Bhaji & Chai shop. Don’t forget to stop here. This place serves mouth-watering and tasty batata bhaji, referred by the locals as ‘Sada Chi Bhaji’. It is made by using the famous 'Wai cha batata'. Fresh, hot & super crispy! P.S. All they sell is Batata Bhaji and Chai. Ditch what tourists eat and try something that locals eat!

We have sorted out your weekend. Gather your squad and do explore this place.

Tags: Mahabaleshwar’s Unexplored Trails led to a Hidden Church

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